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heaven-wins.jpg HEAVEN WINS: Heaven, Hell and the Hope of Every Person
NEW in Fall 2013 - 224 pp. Who will be saved? Who will be lost?

The past few years have seen the release of several high-profile books, including Love Wins (Rob Bell) and God Wins (Mark Galli), that attempt to clarify what the Bible teaches about the ultimate destiny of individuals after this life. Don Richardson believes the arguments posed by these authors do not account for all the biblical evidence. In Heaven Wins, the bestselling author of Peace Child and Eternity in Their Hearts [both sold on the "Books" link of this site] offers a faith-enhancing, scripturally grounded perspective that changes everything.

Are a majority of people destined for hell, as many Christians assume, or will heaven harvest the greater part of mankind? Could it be that the good news is even better and more expansive than we have dared to hope? The answer may surprise you!

The book carries the endorsements from author David Marshall, Ph.D.; and from Andrew C. Bowling, Ph.D., Faculty Emeritus, John Brown University; and Former Faculty, Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics.
#405     $14.99
unhidden.jpg - 12.61 kb Unhidden
Second edition (2010), available only on this Web site; 227 pages -- Following a 44-year quest, Don Richardson presents his vision of a charmingly symmetrical unified field, a 22-law ultra-basic "foundation for everything."

Thanks to Albert Einstein, mankind recognizes 4 dimensions--length, breadth, height and time--as comprising the extent [space-time] continuum that enfolds the entire cosmos. In this book, Don Richardson posits that 3 value dimensions likewise comprise a historically unrecognized Value Continuum. But what are those 3 value dimensions? How do we relate to them as a continuum? Do these 2 invisible continua interact? If so, how? and why is this eternally important to us?

Inevitably, the above starting premise leads to other questions: Why does evil occur? How can it be defeated? Does Big Bang Cosmology really explain our cosmos? These and other wide-ranging postulates and paradoxes fill the pages of UNHIDDEN. Join Don Richardson for a challenging investigation of things that lie "outside the box" of our everyday awareness.

Click here for a condensed summary of Don's point-by-point refutation of Big Bang Cosmology's eight primary postulates, several of which have not been widely publicized. Don believes any cosmologist who seriously examines these eight points will be compelled to credit a theory Don calls Harmonic Origin Cosmology as relegating Big Bang theory to the history section of any scientific library! Any cosmologist who thinks he can disprove Don's eight points is invited to contact Don directly via e-mail. Spread the word!
#320     $17.99
peacechild_new.jpg - 11.48 kb Peace Child - Updated
Autobiography - 4th edition (2005), 256 pp., including 23 photos.
Updated missionary classic, for a new generation, of Don Richardson's gripping account and classic tale of treachery and redemption on the mission field. New last chapter updates readers about the Sawi people of Irian Jaya on the island of New Guinea. Recent media attention focused on this part of the world due to the Asian tsunami. More than 450,000 copies of PEACE CHILD have been sold, published in 30 languages. See also item #146 on the "DVDs" link for the film version (17 languages on 1 disk).
#340     $14.99
Peace Child - Audio Book
Don's first book on CDs: An unabridged audio recording of the 21st-century edition of this missions classic (described above). Includes an update about the Sawi tribe. Narrator: Paul Michael.
#400     $23.98
enternityinhearts_rev.jpg - 95.33 kb Eternity In Their Hearts - UPDATED
28 Case Histories from cultures worldwide and down through history - 2nd edition (2008), 206 pp. (includes author's postscript).
Old Testament Hebrew culture yielded abundant metaphors foreshadowing Jesus. So do Gentile cultures! Starting with the incredible story behind Paul's discovery of the "altar to an unknown God" in Athens, we move to tribes that honored places of refuge and even a "scapeboat" instead of a "scapegoat." Missionary use of such analogies helps awaken response to the Gospel.
#112     $14.99
lordsofearth.jpg - 20.68 kb Lords of the Earth - UPDATED
BIOGRAPHY - 2nd edition, 2008 - 334 pp., including 34 photos.
Rugged Aussie Stan Dale aspired to reach an unevangelized New Guinea tribe for Jesus. Fired by the first two missions he served under, Stan joined a third and soon found himself in over his head amid a tribe wilder than any he ever imagined -- the Yali! Tribal warfare, strange rituals, martyrdom and sacrifice culminate in an air disaster that leaves a 9-year-old from Oregon stranded at the mercy of the Yali. Can truth really be stranger than fiction? Read and marvel!
#113     $16.99
Lords Of The Earth - Audio Book
Don's second book on CDs: An unabridged audio account of the Yali, a Stone Age cannibal tribe, coming to faith in Jesus. Narrator: Raymond Todd.
#401     $24.98
Uncharted Waters
AUTOBIOGRAPHY - 1999 - 382p - 25 photos. Hudson and Winsome Southwell taught a dozen warring tribes in Malaysia's Sarawak province to live at peace. Suddenly World War II burst upon their idyllic jungle Eden. Separated 3 years in a Japanese prison, this plucky couple sought to ease the suffering of other prisoners. Even cruel prison guards began to mellow as God's love shone so clearly through the Southwells.
#114     $16.99
a-certain-risk.jpg - 175x260 A Certain Risk: Living Your Faith at the Edge
224 pp., with Foreword by noted author Erwin McManus.
Don's third son weaves together themes of faith, creativity and risk-taking around dynamic personal stories from Paul's life and ministry in Southeast Asia. Readers are challenged to consider living beyond 'average' and to ensure that their lives will count for eternity!
#115     $12.99
Torches of Joy
BIOGRAPHY - 1985 - 188p - 10 photos. More than 100,000 stone-age people of New Guinea's Dani tribe believed that people die only because mankind lost the gift of immortality at the dawn of time. They also believed the gift of eternal life would one day be offered again. Once offered, it had to be welcomed. What if it came disguised?
#116     $12.99
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