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Christian Heroes: Amy Carmichael
BIOGRAPHY 1998 YWAM Publishing 205p

In "Rescuer Of Precious Gems," Irish missionary Amy Carmichael risks her very life to rescue hundreds of boys and girls whom she found cruelly oppressed by the world's most massive system of apartheid -- caste in Hindu India. To introduce readers ages 8-12 to Amy Carmichael's profound story, see product #136 above,
#159     $8.99
Christian Heroes: Gladys Aylward
BIOGRAPHY 1998 YWAM Publishing 207p

"The Adventure Of A Lifetime" captivates young and old with the astonishing true story of a very determined English housemaid, Gladys Aylward, who circumvented nearly half the globe to serve God in China and who, in spite of poverty, sickness and war, accomplished the seemingly impossible. To introduce readers ages 8-12 to Gladys, see product # 134 above.
#160     $8.99
Christian Heroes: Nate Saint
BIOGRAPHY 1998 YWAM Publishing 203p

"On A Wing And A Prayer" tells the story of American missionary pilot Nate Saint in a most captivating manner. To introduce readers ages 8-12 to Nate Saint, see product #154 above.
#161     $8.99
Christian Heroes: William Carey
BIOGRAPHY 1998 YWAM Publishing 215p

In Janet and Geoff Benge's remarkable "Obliged To Go," we as readers come close to actually sharing something of the harsh culture shock Englishman William Carey must have felt when he, in 1790s India, saw Hindu widows being burned alive beside the bodies of their deceased husbands while millions called 'untouchables' suffered under the world's most horrendous system of apartheid -- caste. What could Carey do to initiate a process of deliverance that was so long overdue? He knew there had to be a way, a way he must find.
#162     $8.99
Christian Heroes: Hudson Taylor
BIOGRAPHY 1998 YWAM Publishing 207p

"Deep in the Heart Of China" brings Hudson Taylor and Maria back to life through a masterfully told account by authors Janet and Geoff Benge. While other 19th century missionaries in effect were cloistering in China's coastal cities, Hudson Taylor sought to inspire a new movement to penetrate the interior recesses of that continent-sized nation. How could he prevail? To introduce readers ages 8-12 to Hudson and Maria, see product # 135 above.
#163     $8.99
Christian Heroes: Adoniram Judson
BIOGRAPHY 2000 YWAM Publishing 231p

Lest we, a later generation, forget an incredible saga from the past, "Bound For Burma" captivates us afresh with the vision, the ordeals and the accomplishments of Adoniram and Ann Judson, early American missionaries to Burma (now Myanmar). To introduce readers ages 8-12 to the Judsons, see product #138 above.
#164     $8.99
I Heard Good News Today
The stories chosen range around the world and across centuries, teaching children about history, geography and God's redemptive purpose for mankind. Yet each story is short enough not to delay a sleepy tot's bedtime.
#168     $14.99
The People Time Forgot
TRIBAL MISSIONS 1981 351p 14 photos

Christian historians marvel at the sweeping movement that brought nearly 100,000 stone-age tribal people to Christian faith in Irian Jaya, at the eastern end of Indonesia. That movement began in the late 1950s and continues today. Don and Alice Gibbons were part of the missionary team that God used to trigger that incredible response. It began amid the Damal tribe and spread quickly to two larger tribes, the Ekari and the Dani. Alice Gibbon's eyewitness account will especially touch the hearts of Christian mothers. Alice raised five daughters while teaching, nursing, counseling and educating, especially among Damal women and children. Prepare for your heart to be stirred and your faith profoundly strengthened by this book.
#170     $9.99
One Church, Many Tribes

Native American author Richard Twiss sounds an inspiring call to both native North Americans and Anglos to a reconciliation that results in more than just a handshake of friendship. Richard calls us to a new partnership in the work of God's kingdom worldwide -- a partnership in which the host peoples of this continent are by no means mere 'junior' partners. Awesome!
#171     $13.99
operationworld.jpg - 31.34 kb Operation World
by Patrick Johnstone. Updated (2001) version of a well-known and widely distributed prayer encyclopedia of all nations of the world. Valuable for research and for specific prayer requests from all nations and many people groups within those nations.
#177     $13.99
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