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Trailblazer Series: Shanghaied to China
HISTORICAL NOVEL 1993 Bethany House 144p.

Another thrilling adventure story, this time taking young readers to China, where they share in the lives of English missionaries Hudson Taylor and Maria, two of Christian history's most remarkable heroes. For readers in their teens and older, scroll down to Janet and Geoff Benge's stirring account of Hudson and Maria. Title: DEEP IN THE HEART OF CHINA.
#135     $5.99
Trailblazer Series: Escape from the Slave Traders
HISTORICAL NOVEL 1992 Bethany House 135p

Scottish missionary David Livingstone encountered something much more disturbing than tribal warfare in far-away tropical Africa. He found Arab slave-traders kidnapping the very Africans he loved and wanted to lead to Christ. How could he oppose their brutal practices? For readers in their teens and older, scroll down to Janet and Geoff Benge's telling of David Livingstone's story. Title: AFRICA'S TRAILBLAZER
#137     $5.99
Trailblazer Series: Imprisoned in the Golden City
HISTORICAL NOVEL 1993 Bethany House 155p

Dave and Neta Jackson trace another thrilling adventure for young readers (ages 8-12). This time the setting is early 1800s Burma. Central to the plot are Ann and Adoniram Judson, American missionaries in Burma, and their young Burmese friends. For readers in their teens and older, scroll down to Janet and Geoff Benge's telling of Ann and Adoniram's story. Title: BOUND FOR BURMA.
#138     $5.99
akebu_zapotec.jpg Akebu to Zapotec

Karen Lewis teams with artist Alice Erath Roder, portraying in full color 26 tribes that are yet to have the Word of God in their language. Each tribe's name corresponds to a letter of the English alphabet. The last page features a world map showing young readers the geographical location of each culture depicted.
#140     $8.99
Perpetuated in Righteousness

Let author Daniel Kikawa lead you through a trove of previously uncorrelated parallels to Biblical truth laced amid ancient Polynesian lore. Gain insights about Hawaii especially that James Michener never had. Many young Hawaiians, desiring to honor their ancestors, have turned in recent years away from the Christian Church to join nativistic sects. Kikawa's "Perpetuated..." proves to them that Christian monotheism stands far closer to their ancestors' deepest longings than does the pagan idolatry imposed upon Polynesia by later invaders. Many who read Kikawa's research are returning to Christian fellowship. See why!
#151     $11.99
BIOGRAPHY 1974 Creation House 223p 2 photos

Drafted into the Soviet army in atheism-promoting pre-glasnost Russia, brave young Christian Vanya resolved to pray as faithfully by his bunk in the military barracks as he had by his bed back home. Commanding officers threatened torture unless he recanted. Vanya persisted and the torture commenced -- for two years! An incredible testimony!
#152     $9.99
Christian Heroes: Eric Liddell
BIOGRAPHY 1999 YWAM Publishing 203p

"Something Greater Than Gold" is Janet and Geoff Benge's masterful expansion of the life of Eric Liddell, made famous by the Academy Award-winning film "Chariots of Fire." Marvel at the power of God's grace in the life of a famous athlete turned missionary.
#155     $8.99
Christian Heroes: Mary Slessor
BIOGRAPHY 1999 YWAM Publishing 207p

"Forward Into Calabar" is an ageless epic of a woman who fearlessly faced incredible odds to reach Africans with the life-giving Gospel of Christ. To introduce readers ages 8-12 to Mary Slessor, see product #139 above.
#156     $8.99
Christian Heroes: Jim Elliot
BIOGRAPHY 1999 YWAM Publishing 191p

"One Great Purpose" is a deeply inspiring account of the lives and martyrdoms of Jim Elliot and his four young colleagues in Ecuador, South America. Several thousand readers of various accounts of those stirring 1956 events have since enlisted for Christian service in various ways. This newly published book stokes the flames afresh on one of the 20th century's most unforgettable sagas.
#157     $8.99
Christian Heroes: David Livingstone
BIOGRAPHY 1999 YWAM Publishing 216p

"Africa's Trailblazer" recounts resourceful David Livingstone's intrepid endeavors to explore vast areas of 19th century Africa not just to satisfy his curiosity. He labored also to evangelize the inhabitants he encountered. His story has brought a further benefit, serving to awaken sleeping churches in Europe and America to the urgency of their unfinished task. To introduce readers ages 8-12 to David Livingstone, see product #137 above.
#158     $8.99
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